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3 things you can do to help the global water crisis

Water perseveration is key to the future. Although water should be a basic human right, in some places around the globe, it’s scarce and many go without. Or they are forced to drink contaminated water that carry water-borne diseases that can do more harm than good. And since water is needed to grow food and care for animals, less water for agriculture and irrigation use means fewer crops and dead animals, thus resulting in constant hunger and thirst for third world countries.

Access to quality water is essential and key to economic prosperity, not to mention better living standards. A lack of water essentially means people will be in a constant state of poverty with no way for a chance at a better life. But despite the global water crisis that is happening, you can make a difference and help those in need of quality water. Here are some things you can do:

1. Bring about awareness

The first step in helping the global water crisis is to bring about awareness. Learn more about what’s happening in the world and with the water crisis so that you can spread awareness to others and come up with a solution as to how you can help. Talk about it with friends and family and ask them to do their part, too. . 2.Restrict your water usage

Even though the water crisis might be impacting people thousands of miles away, you can still do your part locally. Check your faucets and pipes for leaks, as well as toilets and if you can install a water-saving showerhead and toilet. Take quick showers and turn off faucets when you are not using water. Only wash full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher and even put tanks and buckets outside to catch rainwater for use in toilets. Saving water at home can have a huge impact if everyone did their part!

3. Donate

Help organizations and their missions to combat the global water shortage by donating monetary funds if you can. Even something as little as $5 can really go a long way! By giving whatever you can and then sharing your contribution on social media can also influence others to want to do the same.

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