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Enjoy it! Five European cities with Gluten-free!

Do you like running around, love to travel, but it happens to you that you are suffering from "wheat allergy", so you can only say no to the exotic cuisine when you are enjoying the beautiful scenery? In fact, in the United States and Europe, Gluten-free food is not something new, and therefore when you travel to Europe, Gluten-free meals are not really hard to find. They have a lot of style and delicious food which are gluten-free attracting even customers with no such physiological needs. When you travel to Europe for visiting different tourist attractions, you must never let dining problem ruin your mood. Let’s have a walk to the small shops in the following five European cities. Starting the day with breakfast or a short break for coffee, you can enjoy a worry-free gluten-free meal!


United Kingdom. London Good Life Eatery

London weather is capricious, when it’s showering, enter this room with a warm red brick store enjoying warm cup of coffee, or try a hearty salad, it will definitely make your energy instantly overflow!

Photo: Good Life Eatery

France. Paris The Pouch

This warm and lovely coffee shop is like others’ impression of Paris, you can come here and enjoy a leisurely brunch healthily, while surfing the Internet to view today's itinerary.

Photo: The Pouch

Spain. Madrid Maestro Churrero

Spanish nationals’ favorite breakfast is the Spanish fritters, fried crispy fritters coated with thick dense chocolate, how can we not be to try it out in the morning? Maestro Churrero now provides a gluten-free donut!

Photo: Maestro Churrero

Germany. Berlin Charlie's Vegan Food & Coffee

Berlin, as an international metropolis, of course, does not lack food from around the world. A vegetarian like you (of course, gluten-free) must visit Charlie Asian bakery today to fulfill your homesickness stomach.

Photo: Charlie’s Vegan Food & Coffee

Photo :These Are Better Days

Italy. Rome. Mama Eat Roma

It’s a must to try pizza in Italy! Mama Eat is a dedicated gluten-free Italian meals shop, do not worry. Let’s share with a group of friends and laugh loudly!

Photo: Mama Eat

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