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See how water is wasted from five areas!

Water resources will be the next increasingly important environmental issues. Recently we have seen a lot of creative and visionary companies and designers developing a lot of new products and services. Other than product and design, indeed in our daily life we can also participate actively in business model which can help save water. Below you may find 5 key points for you to remember:


An article on Food52 website has pointed out that most dishwashers typically use 6 gallons of water, and if the sink is filled with water and use the water to wash the dishes, it only needs 4 gallons. So unless you can fully load the dishwasher, otherwise for fewer dishes you can actually wash the dishes by hand. (Note, however, "open the faucet while washing dishes" is a waste of water! Unless you can do it within two minutes.) As for bathing utensils, indeed the Swedish brand OrbSys Shower can save you $ 1,000 a year for water! Patio

If there is a patio in your home, then it is best to consider adopting seepage system thereby locking lost of water. This is currently a very popular landscape design patterns. In addition, planting in the ground is also a good way to save water.


According to an interactive information chart on GOOD, in fact behind water production a lot of water will be spent, the amount of water used for producing beef is higher than that of chicken or other vegetarian products. So eat less red meat could bring great positive benefits for the environment.

Source Website: Good


Many books on physical and mental health has proposed less-is-better theory, it tells you how to simplify life and thus achieve peace of mind. However, do you know that buying a dress or a pair of shoes less can also save water during the manufacturing process? So from now on, pick your favorite and really durable products so you really enjoy the satisfaction of less-is-more. Transportation

Refining gasoline is also very water-consuming. So if you can, please try to take public transportation or other environmentally friendly way instead! Like carpooling or on a bike!

Barcelona environmentally friendly’s city bike

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