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Nostalgic Tokyo (2): Chance encounter with ARK HILLS in Akasaka Flea Market

Akasaka Flea Market which has been held for 25 times is now back to ARK HILLS located near Roppongi Itchome Eki. With spacious semi-indoor space, do not worry about weather problems, natural light streaming into the Atrium Plaza, customer busy bustling, and this is nothing but a very comfortable Bazaar. Booths involved are mostly professional dealers of old goods, and many of them have their own stores in other places, or in some existing Select shop. In addition, there are many vintage and own brand booths, with also various clothing accessories. There are also some old materials sold which is very suitable for hand-made fans to find creative pieces.

When it comes back to professional old goods dealers, what they are keeping are more in favor of European antiques, goods are mostly sourced from European market. I could also see a number of small objects that I found last time in flea market in Paris. Although it is a little more expensive compared to the price in Paris, in Tokyo you may also bargain with the business - it is just so important to buy happily! And many stalls are actually providing credit card services and you can also use your mobile to complete the transaction, generally avoid visitors of flea market who run out of cash. So no worries to shop and it is such a good place.

Another advantage of this market is that you can get a lot of information of various stores – old goods, thrift stores, life-style grocery, etc. It is much more efficient than reading a magazine and you can also know its style in advance. If you want to find some specialty shops but do not know where to start looking, here is a good solution.

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