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Are you still having a wrong perception towards "Recycled food'?

While majority of people around us are living without starving, however this problem still persists and billions of people are still starving in the world today. At the same time there are more people wasting the food and it can be seen from this point, the process of the world's food distribution is in fact full of flaws and lack of efficiency so that nearly a third of food is wasted.

Awareness of not to waste food

In rich countries, more and more people are aware of this problem and have considered the value of the food that we waste. In Taiwan's "free vegetarian" (Freeganism or called "flying root Group") may not be often heard, but in Europe and the United States, particularly for the young people this is not something new (although in the past people always believes that it is what hippie does).

In Europe, due to legal restrictions and low outdoor temperatures in winter, in fact many trash food disposed after "best before date" still can be edible. Through recycling this food the objective of 『no food to be wasted' can be achieved. These include the food itself and the packing. It also helps save energy too.


photo: Freegan Pony

Solutions to reduce food waste

And now, this concept begin to slowly spread to the general public, and spread to a wider level, such as non-profit restaurant France Freegan Pony in Paris,, where they recover disposed food from vendors (but in fact can be eaten), and convert them into a delicious vegetarian dishes parity. In Massachusetts, a similar pattern is developing into a greater level of interaction, MIT entrepreneurs design a food recycling app called Spoiler Alert to match food suppliers with NGO to rescue food which may be sent to landfill originally, they also actively promote the "do not let any food discarded in the modern business model" encouraging cooperation between parties.

While we look forward to the future government to promote food waste related legislation, but until then, you and I have to start from ourselves, so that the public will not have a wrong perception towards recycled food.

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