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Portugal Porto (2): Chanced encounter of little small under shower

Photo: Apito On this rainy Monday, after meal I reached the Old Town. After the noisy atmosphere during the Saturday market, I think of different store small streets with different backgrounds. I feel that I should come to walk around, and in the meantime, I sit down in a small coffee shop enjoying Portuguese coffee milk Galão. I could hardly imagine that Monday could be so lonely. The joyful neighborhoods are now empty under raining, the contrast is so large. I was thinking whether or not I accidentally fall into such movies like Harry Potter's magical world (hey, Porto is a very important source of inspiration of JK Rowling while writing Harry Potter). While walking slowly to consider how today’s journey should go; I look up and suddenly a yellow glow gets in my face, in such a cold and wet weather, it is difficult not to be attracted, and so I stepped into this warm atmosphere with a wooden door entry.

Photo: Apito

Once getting inside, my eyes are attracted by the wall of colorful images, followed by another piece of colors at the bottom – with a set of paints on it. Space under the stairs next to a computer, there saw a woman looking at the computer. I asked and it revealed that all books and paintings, prints, etc., etc., are made by independent creators. They are not only from Portugal but from the whole world, as long as the store owner likes, it will be placed in the store.

Photo:Apito Although this is not a large space, inside it presents each artist’s unique little universe. While it is still raining outside, I was caught in this little world, and wandering around reluctant to leave. If you love these cute little wacky works of art, and if you have the opportunity to visit Porto, do not forget this O! Galeria.

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