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Why Plastic Water Bottles Are Damaging To The Environment

Water bottles are made out of PET plastic, which means that they are completely recyclable. This also means that they don't degrade naturally. They do however, photodegrade and this means that they break up into smaller pieces over time. They also absorb toxins that can help to contaminate soil and if they are sitting around in a landfill then they can take centuries to degrade and this acts as an environmental time bomb that continues to have a detrimental effect on everything around it.

According to various studies, plastic bottles are one of the main pollutants found in oceans and the same studies also show that 10% of bottles actually end up in the ocean sooner or later. In fact, most of them are sitting on the ocean floor where they will never degrade at all.

Another shocking statistic is that 80% of bottles end up in landfills and this is the worst possible place for them to be dumped. So think about it, if you have 10 bottles in your home, 8 of them will end up in a landfill and you might as well be throwing the other one off the side of your boat when you go on your next fishing expedition. But how do we stop this? Well the answer is simple really. It is now more important than ever to recycle and if you don't think that what you do makes a difference then simply look back to the above scenario. 90% of your bottles end up in the ocean or a landfill and your bottle could be one of those many bottles that cut the lives of birds, animals and other wildlife short. Recycling is easier than ever, and believe it or not, you can make a difference.

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