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Verona in Italy: Juliet's home visit

Italy is definitely a country where many people will be attracted by its exotic atmosphere. A lot of cities have been famous including Milan, Venice, Rome and these are the places that visitors never want to miss. But in addition to these well-known sightseeing cities, there are many Italian cities not far away which is worth a visit. For example, in the direction of Milan to Venice, there is a city called Verona (Verona), In fact, it is a world famous ancient capital known as a "Love of Life" where the great Shakespeare love story "Romeo and Juliet" took place.

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Photo: Travel Laboratories Many people came here to find the "Juliet's House" (casa di giulietta), not only to look at the balcony where Romeo and Juliet met, more importantly, they hope to leave their love messages here hoping that their love lasts forever. This place has preserved the secret thoughts of generations of young girls, and even Juliet's secretary came here to deal with these letters; the film "letter to Juliet" is based on this - The actress found secret letters left by a girl fifty years ago and she was on his journey to help this girl to fulfill her wish – if you are not free to come here to deliver the letter, watching this romantic movie could be a good choice.

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Photo: Travel Laboratories If you come here personally, never forget to visit the balcony where Juliet waited for Romeo – imagining the romantic feeling of little girls and of course, take photos! However, Verona being the home of Juliet is just a misunderstanding. The story "Romeo and Juliet" should take place in the ancient city of the Italian region of Tuscany Siena (Siena), but Verona still attracts thousands of tourists every year and a bronze statue of Juliet was set there because of this beautiful mistake. Anyway, Verona is still a small ancient city full of feeling. Walking there at night is just romantic.

HYDY Bottle Photo: Travel Laboratories

Photo: Travel Laboratories

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