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Alternative Art Book Fair in Madrid: All non-mainstream publications are here (1)

Last weekend(2016) the weather was a bit cloudy but I still decided to go out for exhibition, and luckily I catch up on the last day of the Book Fair in Madrid featuring alternative art. From the music at the entry I know I am at the right place, the naughty indie music is perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Although this exhibition is not as large as International Book Fair, the independent publishers and various funny/non main-stream books are already good enough for me to spend the entire afternoon.

Photo: Travel Laboratories In addition to the regular printing and publishing products, the most interesting place you can see in this exhibition is that a lot of young artists exhibit conceptual "book" - many of which are their own silk-printing books, or even the original draft. At the activities on that day, it allows visitors to bring back hand-made books with artists. Although I really want this kind of souvenir, as there are too many people queuing, I had no way but to move to the bar for a drink in order not to waste time, and then moving on to other areas. Photo: Travel Laboratories One of the Mexican special exhibitions is filled with all kinds of Mexican Independence Publications / art books, in fact I am fully amazed by their avant-garde, which is totally different than Mexico in my mind. In the past I only thought of ‘Road Movie’ and ‘Students enjoying their time in the border city of Tijuana’. Glancing there I found that there is a very cool magazine and realize that this is a LGBT magazine called Anal. And around the corner, there are a lot of hand-made books which are probably works of artists. They are covered using aluminum/pizza boxes as cover and inside there finds a lot of artists’ hand-made graffiti or leaflets.

Photo: Travel Laboratories

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